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The Stealth Dragon Services


The Lord Protector has the Queen and the KIngdom in the palm of his hand, can anyone stop him before it's too late?  The maelstrom is rising; the SDS must change how it thinks and fights if they are to beat the hobgoblins controlled by the WarLock King and his son the Black Prince, but can they discard countless centuries of tradition?


While the blind King takes his stealth battlegroup north to protect the Old Wall and hold the line, the Guardian of the Battle Academy and his Professors and flight instructors have the challenge of trainng a new generation in a single year, but much will depend upon Quenelda's emerging powers, the HeartRock, and her tutors Tangnost and the Ice Bear BoneCaster, Drumondir.


Dragon Lords Rising

Moonbeam Children's Book Award double silver medalist 

A gnome, a girl and a dwarf fly north on an injured battledragon in the depth of winter to search for the missing Commander of the Stealth Dragon Services. Throw in a spy, an overweight dragon fledgling who’s so plump he cannot fly, and a renegade Sorcerer Warlock hot on their tail, and it seems like a quest doomed to failure from the outset. 

But Quenelda is no ordinary girl, nor her gnome esquire, nor their guide and guardian the veteran dwarf Bonecracker Commando, Tangnost Bearhugger. Quenelda is a lone dragon whisperer in a world at war, where dragons have characters and voices of their own, and the Seven Kingdoms are under threat as never before from the amphibious hobgoblins who have united under a single warlord. The race to find the only man who can unmask the traitor at the heart of the realm is on! 

Flight to Dragon Isle


Moonbeam Children's Book Award Silver Medalist


The SDS plan an audacious strike against the hobgoblin heartlands to remove their threat once and for all, but treachery stirs in the heart of the Seven Kingdoms and none return from that dreadful battle to reveal the Grand Master's betrayal.   The young Earl Darcy sheds no tears for his missing father, he has a beautiful wife and Dragonsdom is finally his...or is it? Quenelda refuses to accept her father's death or Darcy's investiture, so her step brother takes his spiteful revenge.  Fearing the Grand Master's plans, Tangnost Bearhugger spirits her to the safety of Dragon Isle. From there the young dragon whisperer is drawn north to a brimstone mine where she finds her fathers enslaved battledragon dying. Returned to Dragon Isle, Stormcracker Thundercloud becomes a symbol of hope that the Dragon Lords will rise again.  With her unique gift of dragon whispering, Quenleda shares a dream with Stormcracker.   Along with Tangnost, Root, Quester and Stormcracker they decide to search for .the missing SDS Commander.

The Dragon Whisperer ~ Hare has produced is one of the most captivating new books for 8+ to be published for some time ~ The Sunday Times


Moonbeam Children's Book Award Silver Medalist

Shortlisted for the Royal Mail Scottish Children's Book Award

Quenelda, the young daugher of the Earl Rufus DeWinter, Commander of the Stealth Dragon Services, can talk to dragons.  Root, a young gnome whose father is a scout for the SDS, is petrified of dragons.   Tangnost Bearhugger, the dwarf Dragon Master to the Earl is tasked with Quenelda's tuition...when Root and Quenleda are thrown together the unexpected happens.  With the Seven KIngdoms at war with their ancient enemy the amphibious hobgoblins a new threat arises as the 13 tribes are united under the WarLord Galtekerion.   But treachery lies at the heart of the Sorcerers Guild. Can Quenelda and her esqure thwart the warlock at the heart of the Black Isle?

Imblanzitorul Dragonilor

Our first Romanian review by Sorina Rinciog & Bruno - a cat who has excellent taste in books...

Bruno va recomanda o lectura irezistibila despre prietenia dintre noi, oamenii, si animalele care, ca si noi, au personalitate si sentimente. Dragonii, care sunt priviti ca unelte periculoase dar utile de catre majoritatea personajelor cartii, au diverse trairi si dorinte. Eroina principala, domnita Quenelda, vrea sa ii convinga pe cei din jurul sau ca aceste creaturi sunt minunate si merita tot respectul si dragostea noastra. Dragonii sunt, de fapt, un simbol al tuturor animalelor pamantului si copiii, dar si adultii, invata de aici ca poate exista o lume unde respectul pentru animalelor este o realitate. Lectura placuta!! Sorina si Bruno ♥

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