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People just walk on by...

But nobody stopped and nobody cared That he was hungry, or that he was scared He was just a starving and frightened wee cat Whoever would bother with a creature like that?

Alone on the street..

How frightened he was, so alone on the street All he could hear was the rushing of feet And the roar of cars as they passed on by Ever so frightened, he continued to cry.

Haggis today

He loved sardines and climbing tall trees The sun on his fur and strange scents on the breeze He had dozens of toys, and catnip too But most of all he had me and he had YOU…

Christmas Eve

He curled up beneath a dark Christmas fir-tree Thinking no one is ever now going to find me Buried in litter, barely alive This is one cold night I won’t survive.

Fight to Survive

He was awfully ill and fought for his life But their little kitten did even survive He fought and struggled with all his might But their little kitten had lost his sight They knitted him a jacket It was warm and it was red They popped him into a hat Which made do as his bed

Beautifully illustrated in pencil with poignant & evocative stanzas ~ For children aged 7 years + and adults ~ This is the true tale of Haggis ~ a blind street kitten from Romania, the sole survivor of his family, who was rescued by a volunteer and then found a home in Scotland where he lives as part of a large very spoilt family of adopted animals including four other blind cats (they have a large outdoor playpen as they are all very adventurous and don't know they are blind) ~ From Romania with love. A gentle introduction into the brutal world of street animals with a happy ending.

There are hundreds of millions of street cats and dogs world wide who suffer unimaginably and die from starvation, illness, injury, or as a result of deliberate human cruelty and inhumane government culls.

Ruff Beginnings is a facebook group which aims to lessen the suffering of abandoned, abused and injured street animals in Eastern Europe by funding transport, veterinary care, safe boarding, neuter and spay, winter feeding and the building of independent rescue shelters through a network of dedicated volunteers who risk everything to make the lives of animals healthier and happier in their countries. 


Don’t breed or buy companion animals

Spay and neuter any dogs, cats and rabbits you have

Adopt from a rescue or shelter

One by one until there are none

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