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Food & Drink support

Food & Drink Admin support ~ Awesome Pawsome Pumpkin (one eyed one time blind) Romanian street cat who just loves his food


Thistledown ~ free spirit and inspiration (Romanian)

Keep Fit Managers

In charge of fitness ~ Nugget & Bracken (Romanian street dogs)

me and bbd

Office Manager & Chief Cuddler ~ Charcoal aka the Big Black Dog from the Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home

Junior Editor

Junior Editor ~ blind Dusk from you can see he is very laid back..

Critical editor

Critical Editor ~ blind Horrible Haggis ~ Romanian street cat.

Charcoal & Bracken Nov 2010

Writing is tough work ~ taking a break in the snow of winter 2010/11. The Big Black Dog & Bracken.

Office Admin

Office Admin ~ Blind Squirrel Nutkin (Cyprus), blind Mischief (Cyprus), Whisky (Bosnia) & finally one-eyed Feisty (Bosnia)

BBD looking after kitten Haggis

When Horrible Haggis arrived he weighed .8 kilo. Tiny. The Big Black Dog taking care of him...

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