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Selected Quotes young readers & adult


'It made me laugh, cry and remember exactly what’s so special about the time when you or your child live in hope of finding a dragon of your own.'  Amanda Craig Sunday Times


"The books you write are a combination of everything i love, dragons, spells, warlocks, legends.": Jessica McConnell aged 13


'I urge anyone aged nine or over to snap this up...  A battledragon of a book!' Fantasy Book Review


"I'm not sure whether I'll be able to convey with words what I felt reading The Dragon Whisperer and Flight to Dragon Isle. The books were so irresistibly wonderful that I've read them back to back one after the other in a couple of days. I felt like I was ten again and that the universe was just a big adventure waiting to be discovered. This series is an absolutely fantastic story and it brilliantly fills the void left by the end of Harry Potter ."  Caroline@Portrait of a Woman


'I think the Dragon Whisperer is the best book I have ever read  (I have read a lot of books - in our house we have about tweleve thousand).  I think the way the words are written sounds like magic.' Rachel aged 13 years.


'Recommended for Fans Of...: The Lord of the Rings. No, seriously. Also, fans of the Eragon series, the Harry Potter book, Susan Cooper's The Dark is Risingseries, Cornelia Funke's Igraine the Brave, Sherwood Smith's Wren to the Rescue series, Patricia Wrede's Dealing With Dragons series, and etc., ad infinitum. will find something here to love.'   Finding Wonderland Blog


"The Draogn Whisperer is a completely entrancing children's tale.  Every spare moment I had I searched out this book so that I could continue reading."  The Road Not Taken



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